Company Resources

The company employs individuals from a wide range of disciplines, from legal and engineering to technical and general construction. Technical training is a top priority at TEG and all those willing are encouraged to participate whenever training courses are offered. New hires are selected from outside, related industries and trained from the ground up on telecommunications construction methods and QC principles. Entry level construction managers are developed internally from field technical staff or are hired from industries that require a general construction background. Senior level project and program managers have over 100 years’ combined experience in the telecommunications industry. The end result of this hiring methodology is a cross-disciplined group of motivated individuals who work well together as a team.

Quality Control

The vast majority of telecommunications infrastructure is constructed on towers and rooftops that are exposed to the elements. TEG utilizes a 3‐phase inspection system designed to meet or exceed general construction and carrier‐specific QC Standards, with specific attention on accepted weather‐sealing and protection methods that result in a final product with full warranty. Inherent flexibility within the system allows for adaptation towards specific installation requirements of current programs, through development of checklists and examination of work performed via real‐time interaction with Customer National Acceptance Teams.



TEG is committed to completing every job as per contract specifications and reporting directives by submitting closeout photos and test data within specified timeframes, and by following through with municipal inspections to close-out permits immediately after jobs have been completed, providing a real‐time data transmission interface when required by Customers. TEG was recently recognized by a major carrier in North Carolina as being the only contractor in the market to complete all sites correctly from start‐to‐finish throughout the duration of a recently completed 3‐year modification program, from survey through construction, reporting, site integration and permit sign‐off.


TEG is committed to providing a safe workplace for its employees and subcontractors by mandating strict adherence to the Company’s “ZERO TOLERANCE” accident prevention policy, applied through active employee participation in training programs and daily application of Safety Program directives. Employees are encouraged to observe and monitor work processes for deficiencies or areas of improvement and are recognized and compensated for their efforts through the Company’s “GET HOME SAFE” Incentive Program. This innovative program is based on a proactive policy of NEAR‐MISS REPORTING & INVESTIGATION, designed to educate employees on how to recognize unsafe conditions and prevent accidents in the workplace.

TEG performs a minimum of (10) scheduled and unscheduled site audits per week, utilizing a BACK‐TO‐BASICS approach and checklist to remind employees and subcontractor personnel that rigging safety must not be their only concern. These audits are conducted separately and at different times than the daily Job Hazard Analysis (JSA) meetings held each day before the start of work. Surprise site visits, employee participation in development of safe work procedures and opportunities for recognition through safe actions are a proactive and proven combination, leading to the successful transition of Safety Program practices and procedures from the classroom to the field.

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